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May 22, 2006: The Dead Next Door (1/2 star)
The Dead Next Door
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The above is what The Dead Next Door does to you. It makes you beg the nice men in white coats to bring you some crayons so you can scribble down the many demons that run through your head.

This is a zombie movie that was financed by Sam Raimi and had a few choice voice-over bits provided by Bruce Campbell.

It was made by horror/zombie genre fans, no-doubt-lovingly crafted FOR horror/zombie genre fans.

And yet somehow it still manages to suck with the strength of approximately 6.2 black holes.

I blame J. R. Bookwalter, its writer/director; check out some of those titles he's turned out since TDND. Robot Ninja? Galaxy of the Dinosaurs? Chickboxer? Yowza.
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