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September 11, 2006: Pulse (2006) (1/2 star)
Pulse (2006)
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There are a lot of things you can say about a movie where the spooky enemy-things are basically pale bald naked dead guys who live in your appliances and yell at you a lot. Then again, it's probably pretty much all been said by now, and so we present the above as our humble offering.

Someone named "mikey7108088" posted a nice review on Pulse's IMDB page, part of which is the following:
"Pulse" has the laziest of horror film ambitions: an endless series of characters making slow, deliberate walks to some sort of random objective (in this movie, it is usually a computer screen) with the steadily rising score beneath their paces. And then, the orchestra crashes, the sound effects are blasted at dangerously high levels, and something (ghost, corpse, animal, landlady, Dick Cheney, etc.) bursts out at the character.
I don't know about you, but I would be scared to death if I was watchin' a movie and Dick Cheney did the jumping out.
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