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Four Panels: About/Info

Four Panels is a webcomic that's all movie reviews. It's also a movie review site that's all comics. Every Monday, you can find a brand-new movie review on the Four Panels main page. Four Panels is free, and asks nothing of you except that you read it if you like it. And tell your friends. Definitely tell your friends.

Jenny Rowland is the artist and webmaster of Four Panels. When you think a facial expression of malicious glee is perfectly executed, that's all her. When you can't figure out whether that one lump is a penguin with goiters or what, that's also her. She's kind of a mystery that way.

John Sears is responsible for the planning, writing and general blocking of your standard Four Panels script, as well for coming up with the original concept. While his text sometimes has to be whittled down slightly for space, somehow his megalomaniacal character still manages to shine through.

If Four Panels can be said to have a cast, that cast would be as follows:

Male main character The male main character, who is unnamed. Female main character The female main character, who is also unnamed.

That's pretty much it. Random fictional characters, as well as poor caricatures of actual people involved with reviewed movies, will be seen but do not form much in the way of a proper cast.

Neither of us here at Four Panels makes any claim of ownership to any previously-copyrighted character or property that might be seen in a Four Panels review. Such portrayals are meant as review and/or parody only. Similarly, all original content found here is © by Jenny Rowland and John Sears (with any work contributed by other parties copyrighted by said other parties), and you are not to steal it. Use of our characters for review and/or parody will most likely result in our making all our friends look and talking about how awesome it is that somebody out there is noticing us. For more detailed information regarding use of Four Panels content, see the FAQ.

More stuff will go here later probably.

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