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March 20, 2006: Memories (1995) (4 stars)
Memories (1995)
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Memories is what happens when three well-known Japanese directors each kick in one short anime piece (a scifi ghost story, a bioterrorism comedy [no, seriously], and a dystopian day-in-the-life). Technically it would be more fair to review each segment separately, but three reviews for 113 minutes of runtime would be rather silly, now wouldn't it?

Fun fact: in every panel of today's comic, there is some aspect of my art that reminds me of someone else's comic. For instance, something about the profile in panel one makes me think of Jeph Jacques's work, especially since I stole my current way of drawing eyes from him. Can you guess the other artistic similarities I see? Given that they exist primarily in my head, I'm guessing not!
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